Our Doctors


Boston University Eye Associates’ Optometry Service performs comprehensive eye exams to detect refractive errors correctable with spectacle or contact lenses; in addition to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of ocular disease. Our Optometrists work very closely with our Ophthalmologists to co-manage surgical and ocular disease patients.

Specialty care is provided for soft and gas permeable contact lenses ranging from spherical, astigmatic, and bifocal lenses. Therapeutic contact lenses are also available for certain eye conditions and altered corneas from disease, trauma, or surgery. Cosmetic contact lenses are also available for patients wishing to alter their eye color or cover scarred corneas.

Low vision services are available for patients whose vision can not be corrected with traditional spectacles. This allows patients to maximize the vision that remains after suffering from significant vision loss. This is done with magnifiers, telescopes, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other devices.

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